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Optimising payment processes

ConCardis has developed intelligent solutions that companies can use to handle card payments and their follow-up processes faster and better.

Every business has different needs and its own processes. Our solutions can be customised and assist companies no matter what size.

  • To simplify processes
  • To optimise processes and
  • To lower costs.

ESP - Electronic Statement Presentment

Online access to your settlement data – at any time, securely, and always up-to-date. Find out more.


The electronic list of individual transactions – in the form of a file you can work on yourself later. Find out more.

Transaction management

Simplified bookkeeping for companies with several machines in different locations Find out more.

Transaction referencing

Allocate card payments more easily with up to two references (e.g. customer number, invoice number). Find out more.

EPA - Electronic Payment Advice

Can provide extensive information on every transaction. You yourself determine how detailed the data provided should be. Find out more.

KontoPlus Klassik

Minimises the bookkeeping entries of your bank by collating all payment transactions before clearing – fewer charges, less bookkeeping. Find out more.

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