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Security in E-Commerce

If you're selling online or via mail order, you cannot identify buyers and cards in person. But you can still protect yourself from credit card fraud.

Even if you are in the distance-selling sector, Concardis has special security processes to protect you from credit card abuse and fraud.

The credit card security number consists of at least three numbers and is on the back of the credit card, near the signature.

American Express cards have a four-digit number over the credit card number on the front of the card.

The numbers are not stored on the card's magnetic stripe and are not printed off on payment slips.

The 3D Secure protocol MasterCard Secure Code, Maestro Secure Code and Verified by Visa was developed by MasterCard and Visa to increase the security of online transactions.

The customer has to identify him- or herself by means of an additional personal password, which ensures that the person making the payment is actually the lawful cardholder.

Cardholders can no longer return the payment with the argument that they weren't the person who had carried out the transaction.

In addition, so-called charge backs due to fraud also have to be borne by the card issuer (if the card of the cardholder is not able to have the 3D Secure protocol)

Please note that the credit card organisations have excluded certain products from this reversal of liability:

  • Commercial cards (company credit cards) worldwide (MasterCard/Visa)
  • Prepaid cards (Visa)

The credit card organisations demand that their retailers have a PCI-compliant infrastructure when credit cards are used in mail-order businesses or in online shops.

Otherwise they could become liable in cases of card or data abuse.

For your own protection, you should be very careful when dealing with orders with delivery addresses in certain countries and consider whether you should accept and carry out payment by credit card.

We currently regard the following countries as particularly critical when it comes to dispatching goods to them:

Overview of the high-risk countries by continent
AfricaEspecially Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana, Egypt
AsiaIndonesia, India, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore
Eastern EuropeRomania, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Balkan States, Hungary
Western EuropeGreat Britain (especially the London metropolitan area), The Netherlands (especially Amsterdam/Rotterdam/Hakfort)

We explicitly point out that, in accordance with our terms and conditions for credit card acceptance and the terms of the settlement of the accounts receivable of our general terms and conditions, shipping is only permitted in certain countries.

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